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My name is Jeffrey Mince, I'm an ACC-certified Positive Psych Coach, a former Buddhist monk, and a Music Industry professional trained in the Science of Happiness, Mindfulness, Insight Meditation, Career Management, Careeer Growth, and Stress Management.

Here are six ways I can help you if you're feeling lost, stuck, or uninspired:

  1. By supporting you in making difficult decisions
    As an insight & mindfulness-based coach, I assist you in making difficult decisions by helping you to clarify your values and priorities and to consider your options in a thoughtful and considered way.

  2. Helping you to identify values, interests, and passions
    I can help you to increase self-awareness and self-reflection, which can assist you in identifying your values, interests, and passions, providing a sense of direction and purpose, and helping you to feel more motivated and inspired.

  3. Encouraging you to take risks and try new things
    I will carefully encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, helping you to expand your horizons and to find new sources of inspiration.

  4. Teaching you mindfulness techniques
    As a mindfulness-based life coach, I can teach you mindfulness techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, and mindful movement, which can help to reduce stress and increase emotional regulation, making it easier for you to approach your goals with a clear and focused mind.

  5. Encouraging you to set goals and develop an action plan
    With Positive Psych and Mindfulness tools, I will help you to set clear and achievable goals and to develop an action plan to move forward in your career or personal life, helping you to feel more in control and less stuck.

  6. Helping you to develop a growth mindset
    With my training, I can help you to cultivate a growth mindset, which can increase your resilience and ability to cope with setbacks and challenges.

Career Counseling in The San Francisco Bay Area

Positive Psychology Career Coaching In San Franciso Covers:​

  1. Mindfulness In San Francisco

  2. Self-awareness Counseling In The Bay Are

  3. Self-reflection Training in San Francisco

  4. Emotional intelligence Coaching

  5. Stress management Counseling in San Fran

  6. Goal setting Coaching In Redwood City

  7. Work-Life Balance Counseling in The Bay Area

  8. Leadership Coaching East Bay

  9. Executive Coaching South San Francisco

  10. Well-being Positive Psychology Coach

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