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Seeking meaning & purpose?
Second guessing life choices?

My name is Jeffrey Mince, I'm an ACC-certified Positive Psych Coach, a former Buddhist monk, and a Music Industry professional trained in the Science of Happiness, Mindfulness, Insight Meditation, Career Management, and Stress Management.

Here are ways Positive Mindfulness Coaching can help you to move forward:

  1. Identifying Values, Passions, & Goals
    Using mindfulness and Positive Psychology techniques to increase self-awareness and self-reflection, I can help you to identify your values, interests, and passions, and to align your career management goals with these internal drivers.

  2. Reducing Stress & Increasing Groundedness
    With techniques, such as meditation and focused breathing, I will help you to reduce stress and increase your capacity for emotional regulation, which can in turn support you in making more grounded and considered career decisions toward professional development.

  3. Identifying Self Sabotage
    As a Positive Psych Career Coach, I can also help you to develop greater awareness of your thoughts and emotions as they relate to your career, and to recognize and challenge any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns that may be holding you back.

  4. Creating Action Plans for Change
    In addition, based on my years of practical experience and training, I'll support you in setting clear goals and creating action plans to move toward a career that is more fulfilling and meaningful. This may involve helping you to explore different career options, to build new skills, or to make necessary changes to your current job.

Buddhist Spiritual Life Counseling in The Bay Area
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