Punk Monk Works Jeffrey Mince
Buddhist Life & Career Coach

Jeffrey Mince  - Certified ACC Positive Psychology Coach, Former Buddhist Monk, Professional Musician.


What I Do:

Anchored by my focused training and practical experience in Buddhist Psychology, Insight Meditation, Positive Psychology, and Professional Music, along with a lifetime of self-discipline, Punk Monk Works is a science-based, cutting-edge, positive growth life-coaching practice that laser focuses on insight, clarity, and practical happiness. Some of the topics often addressed:

  • Career Refocus & Reboot

  • Hard Decisions

  • Life Refocus & Reboot

  • Success & Purpose

  • Relationships & Change

  • Happiness Practices

  • Spirituality & Life



In addition to one-to-one coaching sessions, I offer happiness, mindfulness, meditation, and creativity workshops, retreats, and master classes.

About Me:

As a Positive Psych practitioner, I've been voraciously studying the practical science of happiness, creativity, and a meaningful life. As a long-time Buddhist practitioner and former monk, I've taught hundreds of Buddhist Psychology seminars and classes, guided countless meditations, and logged more than 1000 hours of silent meditation on retreat. As a professional musician, I've performed at concerts and in recording studios all over the world, mentored many extraordinary musicians, and looked deeply into the creative process. Punk Monk Works is my way of consolidating my life's experiences into a practical path that honors positive change by helping my clients to cultivate insight, clarity, meaning, courage, and self-acceptance.

My History:

In a music career spanning over twenty years, I’ve worked with renowned producers and engineers in every major studio in the Los Angeles area. I’ve also toured and recorded internationally with punk rock icon, Nina Hagen, among others. In 2009, I left the music industry to single-pointedly pursue the disciplines of introspection and meditation. Eventually, I became a Buddhist monk, and after years of structured training, began teaching Buddhist philosophy and psychology full-time via retreats, workshops, and college-level courses. Compelled to cultivate my creative instincts and desire for learning, I eventually transitioned away from the ordained monk lifestyle, re-established myself as a performing and recording drummer, and began to mentor exceptional aspiring musicians. Since then, I've continued pursuing my personal development by training to become a positive psychology coach, through my daily insight meditation practice, and by dedicating myself to constantly improving as a musician.