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Punk Monk Works Career & Life Coaching San Francisco Bay Area
Psychology & Wellness Coaching

Jeffrey Mince - certified ACC psychology coach & mindfulness expert specializing in working with adolescents & families. Extensive training in evidence-based awareness & meditation practices, former Buddhist Monk & teacher of Buddhist Psychology.

What I Do:

Career Counselor East Bay - San Francisco

I specialize in providing coaching to adolescents & families, utilizing the evidence-based principles of emotional intelligence & wellness psychology to develop things like self-awareness, self-esteem, emotional regulation, empathy, & resilience. Each session is customized to the client's individual needs & goals, with practical &  personalized support. Some common focuses of my sessions include:

  • Developing emotional awareness & intelligence.

  • Building resilience & coping skills.

  • Identity & orientation.

  • Managing stress & anxiety.

  • Building stronger parent-child relationships & improving family dynamics.

  • Navigating transitions such as divorce, separation, or a blended family.

  • Addressing grief & loss, such as the death of a family member or friend.

  • MBSR - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

  • Improving academic performance & study skills.

  • Developing a greater sense of purpose & meaning in life.

  • Developing self-confidence & self-esteem.

  • Coping with peer pressure & social media challenges.

  • Addressing issues related to school & academic pressure.

  • Developing effective problem-solving & decision-making skills.

​In addition to one-to-one coaching sessions, I offer positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and creativity workshops, retreats, and master classes.

Why It Works:

Punk Monk Coaching offers an evidence-based approach that combines the principles of positive psychology with mindfulness & wellness practices. By utilizing this integrated approach, I specialize in helping families and adolescents identify and develop their strengths, improve emotional regulation, and build resilience. My non-secular coaching sessions are tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals, providing practical and personalized support. Through the cultivation of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, clients can learn to better manage stress and anxiety, enhance their focus and decision-making abilities, and effectively navigate challenges and setbacks.

Buddhist Life & Career Counselor San Francisco Bay Area

About Me:

As a Positive Psych practitioner, I've been studying and training in the practical science of happiness, creativity, and a meaningful life for years. As a long-time Buddhist practitioner and former monk, I've taught hundreds of Buddhist Psychology seminars and classes, guided countless meditations, and logged more than 1000 hours of silent meditation on retreat. As a professional musician, I've performed at concerts and in recording studios all over the world, mentored many extraordinary musicians, and looked deeply into the creative process. Punk Monk Works is my way of consolidating my life's experiences into a practical path that honors positive change by helping my clients to cultivate insight, clarity, meaning, courage, and self-acceptance.



Free Initial Consult

A no-pressure introductory session.

Ask questions, meet Jeffrey, & experience coaching.

Group Coaching

Designed to bring Positive Psychology & mindfulness techniques to group dynamics including families & teams.

One-to-One Coaching

 Personalized, focused psychology & wellness

coaching sessions. $100 hourly.

Buddhist Life & Career Coach San Francisco


I’ve always set goals, but have a habit of overanalyzing the path forward. I've found that Jeff’s coaching has made me more accountable to my goals by helping me set short and long-term milestones.  With his help, I’m better at reframing problems so I can see a path forward.  Paul J - Texas

I have been working with PunkMonk Coaching for six months now. Jeff has really helped me as an accountability coach. I can say I left every coaching session with actionable things to get me closer to my goals. V Jacinto - Colorado

Jeffrey brought a sense of calmness and concern to all our sessions. Coaching with Jeffrey has helped me order my often-chaotic thoughts and identify what is truly important to me. His coaching style is professional and utterly human. His questions and insights often stopped me in my in tracks! I was challenged by our sessions but I also feel energized and empowered to go after what I want in my business and professional life.  I highly recommend investing in yourself by coaching with Jeffrey.  Elaine R - Ireland

Jeffrey has given me coaching support - helping me to think through some difficult life situations recently. Jeff is there with you in whole, giving his utmost attention and respect, and he's excellent at asking sophisticated questions that have helped me to think through my goals and better understand my own paths forward. Jeff is a significant presence and a wholesome coach, and he gives you the space for thought and exploration. Highly recommended.  Eve L - Singapore

I couldn't recommend Jeffrey more highly. During every session with him, I feel like I gain self-knowledge and momentum on my creative journey. He is top-notch and I'm so glad he's my personal coach. Tracey C - Oregon

Jeff helps me get clear about long-term goals, identify the steps large and small to get me there, and what resources I have to leverage myself toward a more fulfilling life 

Celleste D - California

Jeffrey is a focused listener.  He waited for me to clarify what I wanted from the session and worked with me to meet my goal.  Jeffrey is affirming and warm while also offering challenges so that I could see more clearly- which helped open up new possibilities for me.  Jeffrey is a skilled coach!
Rev. Dr. Paula T - Maryland

I started listening to Jeff’s micro-meditations (TikTok) a couple of weeks ago, and they have consistently spoken to me every single day.  I have never found anything even remotely similar to these, all packaged in a 2-minute micro-meditation.  My favorite thus far is “What if Everything Is Working Out” inspired by a T-shirt he once saw.  He quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson “Life is a journey, not a destination”.  This particular meditation is emblematic of Jeff’s style of communication.  He is at once calming,  introspective and wise with a healthy dose of humility. I feel like I have known him for decades. 
Dr. John K - Alaska

Skateboarding at Night

Jeffrey Mince


Certified Family & Adolescent Psychology Coach.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

San Francisco, CA

Career change counseling San Francisco East Bay Area
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