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Feeling dissatisfied with your job?
Looking to take the next step in your career?

My name is Jeffrey Mince, I'm an ACC-certified Positive Psych Coach, a former Buddhist monk, and a Music Industry professional trained in Professional Development, Programming, Leadership Skills, Mindfulness, Insight Meditation, and Stress Management.

 Here are five ways that Positive Career Coaching has helped my clients in the past:

  1. Identifying values and goals: I can help you identify values and goals, and align your career path with those values and goals. 

  2. Managing stress and work-life balance: As a mindfulness-based career coach,  I'm able to teach techniques for managing stress and maintaining a healthy balance between work and other areas of life.

  3. Improving communication and relationships: I can help you improve your workplace communication skills, which can be particularly helpful in managing relationships with colleagues and clients.

  4. Developing leadership skills: Based on the science of Positive PsychologyI can help you develop the skills needed to be an effective leader.

  5. Navigating career transitions: Using Insight Psychology, and self-awareness techniques, I can help you navigate significant career transitions, such as changing jobs or industries or starting your own business. Career advancement, career change, and career transitions are my specialty.

Leadership Coach In San Francisco
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