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Punk Monk Workshops

Punk Monk Workshops

Workshops are facilitated by me and are based on the science of Positive Psychology in combination with my years of experience as an insight meditator, a Buddhist Monk, and a Buddhist Psychology teacher. Every workshop is non-secular and suitable for anyone interested in self-knowledge, personal growth, and the understanding of real meaning and happiness.

Workshops can be modified for a variety of group sizes and situations.

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Quiet Mind & Spirit Retreat @
Refresh On The Mountain,
Sept 11th, 9-10:30AM, 2022

Take a break from the frenetic pace of your life and spend some time relaxing

in the comfortable and peaceful surroundings of Refresh On The Mountain, a

community center for wellness. Enjoy a morning of guided meditations that

will help you to calm your mind, reduce stress and connect with an experience

of inner peace and wellbeing. Everyone is welcome. No prior experience of

meditation is needed. Click Here For Registration & Info

Creativity, Mindfulness, & Flow Workshop

This is a very practical workshop for creators teaching techniques to activate and maintain the creative state of mind. This workshop includes clear explanations, guided meditations, and facilitated activities. Please contact PMW for more information.

Buddhist Life, Grief, Addiction, and Trauma Counseling and Coaching
Modern Day Inner Peace - A Guided Retreat

This is a three-session guided meditation retreat that includes practical explanations of stress-reducing techniques, and, experiential peace of mind meditations. Please contact PMW for more Information.

Buddhist Life, Grief, Addiction, and Trauma Counseling and Coaching
Brilliant, Passionate, Being

This day course is a Positive Psychology and Spiritual interdisciplinary look at how you can make the most of your days by connecting with your most brilliant, and passionate self. This is a science-based non-secular course suitable for anyone. Please contact PMW for more Information.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Life with Balance & Ease:
Mindfulness & Wellbeing 

In this day course, we explore the fundamentals of mindfulness along with practical methods for everyday life. The course includes guided meditations, contemplative exercises, and interactive discussions. Please contact PMW for more Information.

Meditating on hillside
Skateboarding at Night

Jeffrey Mince

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

Los Angeles, CA

Jeffrey Mince - Buddhist Life, Grief, Addiction, and Trauma Counseling and Coaching
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